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Granite City:


 -  Old guns or rifles

 -  Musical instruments and cases

 -  Broken or used jewelry

 -  Electronics

 -  Hand and power tools

 -  Antiques and collectibles

Whatever it is, bring it in

When you come to Jim's, you can expect a knowledgeable, professional member of our staff to assist you with your selling needs.


Now with two convenient locations at 111 E Main St. in Collinsville and at 1909 Edison Ave. in Granite City, your personal belongings are even easier to sell.

We are here to help you sell

Don't wait. Call today!


We pay top-dollar when you pawn or sell your items, and offer the best prices to our customers who come to shop!

Get rid of those items that are laying around, unused, or broken, and bring them to Jim's where they can find a new home.  We pay top dollar!

We buy your items at the best price

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